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ELAN 2004 Meeting in France/Germany

Participants of the ELAN 2004 Meeting in France and Germany, 10-14 June

View from the castle of Lichtenberg on the village and the forest of Vosges du Nord (photo: René Peyré)

Virtual Frontiers - (in)visibile lines in a European landscape

Inspiration for this meeting came from a chat over a glass or two in Ballyliffin. Our German and French friends were interested in the idea of borders, what it can mean nowadays, and how this translates in the landscape. The frontiers have often shifted between French Alsace and the Pfälzerwald area of Germany, and this seemed like a good place to explore these ideas.

The meeting took place 10-14 June 2004, in the border landscape of France and Germany. We stayed in the village of Lichtenberg, which is situated in the Alsace region, in the northwest of France, close to Germany.The programme was based on visits and activities focussing on (in)visible lines.

Thursday, 10 June
Arrival in Lichtenberg
Friday, 11 June
A cross border forest walk between medieval mountain top castles, and a visit to an underground World War II military fortification - two different ways the border has left visible traces on the landscape.
Saturday, 12 June
Derelict industrial architecture finding new uses, Völklinger Hütte (steel plant) in Germany.
Sunday, 13 June
In and around Lichtenberg, visiting the castle, and much more...
Monday, 14 June
Departure from Lichtenberg

A report & pictures of the meeting will be published on this site.

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